About GK Falwell

G. Kevin Falwell: Artist’s Biography and Statement

Looking at my artwork, you may imagine you are catching sight of some extraordinary occurrence, or perhaps forces of nature visualized from your subconscious. The scenes are meant to be somewhat unclear, like a faint memory from a dream.

I go by my middle name Kevin. My first name is George and I am also known as “GK” (as there is often more than one Kevin around). I am a Washington D.C. area native, currently living in Northern Virginia. One day I hope to move closer to the mountains because of my love for nature. I took interest in art early in life, and went on to become a Fine Arts major at V.C.U. I then took a long detour into the “regular” job life, got married to a fantastic wife and had three amazing children. All along though I have felt an obligation to myself to return to doing art, and recently I have got started with it again!



My paintings are of an abstract or surreal nature. I often contemplate weighty matters like the future of our planet, the powers of the universe, and the state of mankind. Rather than trying to portray specific scenes, I express my imagination with emotion and energy, while also endeavoring to make something that people may like looking at. My favorite medium is acrylic paint, but I also use pastels, pencil, watercolor and whatever else is around at times!

I originally was working on creating noise sculptures, but have been taken off track for some years. I love to improvise my own music, and also enjoy creating furniture and inventions from wood. My imagination is what keeps me going, capturing it is taking some work!

Music sketches> Samples of my music. (Try to imagine with real drums and less wrong notes!) .

If you are interested in anything here, please reach me on the contact page, or @gkalwell on Instragram or Facebook.